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This chassis has been developed to be as fast as possible and represents continuity with the first project Colnago Concept, which is the first frame with tubes and carbon fiber developed by conjunctions Ernesto Colnago in collaboration with Enzo Ferrari in 1986. It is the combination of power and speed, every detail has been developed to bring the aerodynamic performance to a higher level. driving quality and efficiency transform this bike into a real weapon to face the competitions!



Carbon monocoque was designed to integrate in the best way with the chassis. The straight blades and crushed for 90% of their length they offer excellent reactive qualities and precision of insertion z, in addition to a significant aerodynamic advantage compared to a fork with traditional design. The front section is extremely contained.



The aerodynamic, perfectly integrated with the saddle joint. The plug has drowned in the tube, almost invisible. Two results in one solution: clean lines and maximum aerodynamics.



The main advantage of this brake is derived from the best integration, structural and aerodynamic, with the frame and the fork. In terms of performance, the double pivot results in a more rigid system of one single pin, the most powerful of the latter and lightweight, with a superior aesthetic cleaning.



Standard Thread fit movement is the Colnago select Motion standards for its best products. It combines reliability and practicality with a threaded bottom bracket (BSA) to the width and the rigidity which characterizes the box ready to Press-fit. From the technical point of view it is to report the presence of two caps in light alloy easily removable in case of need (for example as a result of wear) inside of which the two bearings are pressed. Great functionality, therefore, combined with safety, durability and ease of maintenance.



Each element of this frame is designed to achieve top performance. Thus, the passage of the internal cables become a must that you can not give up. Clean look and maximum aerodynamic performance. The route of the cables is designed for maximum smoothness, thus improving the punctuality of changed and softness. The frame is compatible with both mechanical and electronic groups.

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