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The newly redesigned Prestige is the range topping cyclocross frame from Colnago. The monocoque carbon fiber frame is the result of years of experience on race courses around the world, and in cooperation with the greatest champions of the discipline. Already known for its stiffness and agility, the new Prestige frame can also boast about its exceptional lightness and strength. The flat-mount disc brake system provides all the power needed for maximum control of the bike at all times. Internal cable routing offers a clean look worthy of note, and the 27.2mm seatpost contributes to comfort and lightness.



Monocoque carbon fiber construction, designed specifically for disc brakes. Thanks to new design standards, the weight is significantly lighter than previous versions while still ensuring Colnago’s stringent safety regulations are met.



Bottom bracket bearings are installed directly into the frame. Thanks to this system, the bottom bracket shell is wider, and can consequently change the design of the down tube – making it wider and stiffer. It also adds to ease of maintenance.



Standard, flat-mount disc brakes provide power, control, ease of use and safety on all terrain and in all weather conditions. Shimano 12mm thru-axle QR systems are found on the 100mm front and 142mm rear.



Traditional, 27.2mm diameter – lighter than an oversized post, and more comfortable.



The latest generation of Colnago bikes offers perfect balance between performance and aesthetics. Internal cable-routing offers a modern look and exceptional performance – with a flow that creates the best connection between the levers and derailleurs.



The new Prestige is the frame of the World Cyclocross Champion, Wout Van Aert – the ruler of the last racing season. Thanks to his support, Colnago has refined some details that made it possible to make the frame even more powerful, agile, and smooth on all types of surfaces. The redesigned stays favor the discharge of mud, thus achieving the best performance even on slow and heavy terrain. The Prestige was born to dominate!

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