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All pipes of this frame, including fork outer tubes and rear, have sections studied in the wind tunnel to minimize aerodynamic drag. The profiles belong to the family NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), but have been optimized and adapted to the specific requirements of use of this frame. From the structural point of view, the essential sections for the piping of a cycle frame have a circular or polygonal shape, because they are able to maximize the flexural rigidity and torsional at equal overall dimensions. From the aerodynamic point of view, the excellent sections have the form "drop" (symmetrical NACA profiles): they minimize drag for the same frontal area, when the apparent wind direction lies in the central plane of the frame. This condition and 'perfectly verified in the absence of side wind or, with good approximation (4-8 ° of rotation), when the speed imparted by the cyclist and' much higher than that of the side wind, for instance during a time trial: no surprisingly, the chassis pipes Colnago K.zero feature sections "drop". In the case of low traveling speed with presence of side wind, the direction of the apparent wind and 'rotated of 12-18 ° with respect to the center plane of the frame. Even uphill with strong side wind, the apparent wind direction can be rotated by almost 90 ° with respect to the centerline plane. In these cases, a profile "drop" is not the most efficient: to generate and stall phenomena of turbulence, which increase its frontal and lateral resistance. In such situations, the optimized solution, which maximizes the bending stiffness and torsional and at the same time minimizing aerodynamic drag also crosswind, and 'represented by the piping section NACA truncated: those adopted by Colnago V1R frame.



It is a new concept, created to support integrated front brake body. It presents a double hole at the brake to accommodate the dual pivot body for direct mounting. The brake is thus more rigid, powerful and aerodynamic. The design of the blades takes up the shape of the other pipes with truncated profiles. The base measures 1 "1/4, while the top is 1" 1/8. Detail prized the conical head made of carbon fiber, which rests directly on the bearing of the headset. The design allows you to mount covers ranging up to 28 mm size. The dropouts are made of aluminum. PLUS • Aerodynamics • Strength • Lightness



One of the most significant innovations of V1-R is represented by the adoption of a new standard for the braking system. We chose the direct installation, developed by Shimano with the new Dura Ace group. The main advantage of this brake is derived from the best integration, structural and aerodynamic, with the frame and the fork. In terms of performance, this results in a rigid system (therefore more powerful) and light, with a superior aesthetic cleaning. Shimano range in this type of brakes for groups 105, Ultegra and Dura Ace. For SRAM and Campagnolo, we have developed our brakes, which will be available together with the frame. PLUS • Stiffness • Aerodynamics • Increased braking power



Among the main innovations of this frame it is, among the dropouts with carbon fiber monocoque, with derailleur plate (inside) replaceable. The advantages in terms of strength and weight are significant compared to the equivalent solution adopted in the past on the M10. On the right dropout is the hole for the cable through the rear derailleur, both mechanical and electronic. PLUS • Stiffness • Resistance • Lightweigh



To maximize the integration and aerodynamic cleaning, in this new chassis we used a special seat, dedicated. Using the upside proven forged aluminum in the model currently in production, it proceeded to design and build a small-diameter tube (about 27.2 mm) to obtain a good comfort. The aerodynamic profile (even this, as the vertical pipe, with truncated profile) guarantees the best aerodynamic performance. PLUS • More comfort • Aerodynamics



To increase the rigidity of this portion of the frame, without against increase of the thickness of the walls and, consequently, also the weight, V1-r uses pipes with larger sections. Consequently, it also increased the width of the bottom bracket. Colnago, therefore, it has assessed all the standards currently on the market. The BSA standard is good for reliability, but is out of step evolution technique developed with the V1-r. None of the press fit systems available fulfill the requirements of reliability and durability required by V1-r. Unwilling to compromise, Colnago has decided to take the best from both technical solutions: the reliability and practicality of a threaded bottom bracket (BSA), the width and the rigidity which characterizes the press-fit standards. So, Colnago has patented the ThreadFit82.5 proprietary standard. Compatible with all versions Pressfit 86.5 bb, ThreadFit82.5 adds two new easily removable caps if necessary. PLUS • Stiffness • Improved reliability • Easy maintenance • Longer life of the frame


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